Gebeten door een exotische gifslang

Translated title of the contribution: Bitten by an exotic venomous snake

MA Dijkman, Irma de Vries, MJ van Dam, DW de Lange

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review


BACKGROUND: Patients who have been bitten by an exotic venomous snake are at risk of severe morbidity and a fatal outcome following an incorrect risk-assessment. Treatment with an antivenom can be necessary and can turn out to be lifesaving. In the Netherlands there are only a few cases of bites from exotic venomous snakes each year.

CASE DESCRIPTION: A 28-year-old man presented at the emergency department (ED) after having been bitten by a monocled cobra (Naja kaouthia). Here he developed severe neurotoxicity with respiratory insufficiency requiring intubation and mechanical ventilation. The patient was successfully treated with an antivenom.

CONCLUSION: An exotic snakebite victim is always a medical emergency. With early presentation at the ED, proper assessment, treatment and the availability of antivenom from the National Serum Depot, this will not necessarily cause insurmountable problems.

Translated title of the contributionBitten by an exotic venomous snake
Original languageDutch
Article numberD822
JournalNederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde
Issue number22
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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